Witch Hunt – Ch. 15

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“Did you get the name of the maid from Phoebe, Wen?”  JD let the initial intention of their visit slip his mind during Wendy’s recount of her conversation with Phoebe.

“Yeah, it was Tina.  Tina Farnsworth.  We can ask down in housekeeping if she’s working today.”

JD nodded.  “Thanks, Wen.”

“Hey — anything for you, handsome.”

“Get a room, y’all.”  Dillon scratched at his beard.

“We have a room, Dilly.  You’re in it.  So unless you want to watch …”

“Hey!  Eeee-Yuh-uck, a’ight?  Grue.”

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Witch Hunt – Ch. 14

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JD stormed into his suite and kicked the camera’s travel case out of his way. He tossed the power supply on the bed and stood with hands on hips, breath hissing through his nostrils, brows scrunched over his eyes, lips set. He roared and kicked the mattress.

He shut his eyes, breathed slow and deep, and tried to calm down.

He counted. It didn’t work. He worked mathematical algorithms in his head. Better success. In a few minutes, he sat on the corner of the bed and opened his eyes.

What happened?

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Witch Hunt – Ch. 13

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He briefly debated not telling them. Briefly.

After Wendy’s lambasting over the last piece of withheld information, JD wasn’t willing to risk silence. As soon as he saw them, he’d tell her and Dillon about the toolbelt incident. They’d leap to the wrong conclusions, of course, but he couldn’t be responsible for that. He’d inform them and try to remind them to stay objective.

Yeah, right.

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Witch Hunt – Ch. 11

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“Okay … it looks really good right there.” Wendy leaned back from the laptop and glanced at JD.

He stood on a ladder-back chair, fashioned in the same rustic style as the rest of the hotel’s decor, his shoes off to avoid damaging the white fabric with tiny flowers printed on it. The rich amber wood frame propped him up to a point on the wall between the doors leading to the bathroom and the closets. He was attaching the wireless night-sensitive camera to the wall. He felt a bit guilty about drilling holes in the wall to do it, but the Kiley’s were more than accommodating. They seemed to think nothing of the investigators doing whatever was necessary to gather their data.

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