Did You Know…?

…that the stories I have published on Amazon’s Kindle store right now all sell for 99¢, unless they’re free?

…that you can get those stories, and a few additional ones, in my collections of short stories called A Fine Cast of Characters and A Moonlit Stroll?

…that both of those books are only 99¢ each? That’s right, you can get almost ten dollars worth of stories for a paltry $1.98 if you buy both collections!

Sure, you won’t be able to find Barrel of Fun in either of those books. You will have to get that one separately, if you’d like to read it. But all the others are in one of those two collections. And if you throw in A Barrel of Fun, just for fun, y’know, the whole bill comes to less than $3! You get a big savings there for bundles of entertainment!

So what are you waiting for?! Get over to Amazon.com and buy my books, either individually or as a collection!

Have a great weekend!



Pick the Cover for my Next Short Story!

My next short story will be ready for publishing on Kindle soon, and I need your help!

I’ve designed two covers for the piece, with help from a lot of Photoshop tutorials, video tutorials, and a little help from Dreamstime.com (for the stock photo I used).

The problem is, I can’t decide which one I like better. My family has split opinions, so they suggested I go to you, oh awesome readers, and get your vote on which cover you think is the more eye-catching, Kindle store-worthy cover design.

So, here’s the poll, and your votes will be tallied until next Saturday, February 23, 2013. Any votes after midnight on Saturday won’t be counted…sorry, but I gotta stop somewhere.

The Covers

Here are the choices; we’ll call them Choice 1 and Choice 2, because…well, I’m just clever like that.

Choice 1:

Barrel of Fun Cover 1


Choice 2:

Barrel of Fun Cover


The Poll

So, there you have it; the two options are there for you to peruse and consider. Let me know in the poll below which you find the better option, and I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, February 24, 2013!


Thanks, all and happy voting!


OH, feel free to pass this around and get others voting too!

FREE Today Only!

What could be more fitting for Friday the 13th than a story that scares the heck out of you and is free, too?

Today is your lucky day!

Seriously, it gave me nightmares and I watched it being written.

Lucky Caller 7

Kelly won a radio contest for the first time in her life, and it’s a dream vacation — a fishing trip on a charter off the coast. Lots of fishing, fun, and sun.

But the crew of the little charter boat is borderline incompetent. The other passengers range from an icy blond bombshell to bald and overweight businessmen. Kelly’s not catching many fish, she’s not having much fun, and she just wants to go home.

When a mysterious storm appears on the horizon taking away even the sun, Kelly gets the feeling she’s headed for more than she bargained for. Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t pay to be Lucky Caller 7.

Originally included in the collection "A Fine Cast of Characters."

Hurry!  Go run and grab your copy!  Click the link above and get it while it’s free, today only!