Patience and Persistence

Once again, my new writing hero Dean Wesley Smith has slapped me across the face with my own poor attitude and behavior and righted my listing writing ship. Metaphorically. I’m sure he wouldn’t slap me in person.

Well, maybe.

Anyway, while storytelling and business skills can be taught, patience and persistence can’t. And that is today’s lesson for me.

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Publishing a Backlist Even if You Don’t Have One

One of the tricks of discoverability – which is how easy it is for readers to find your books, or “discover” you – is to publish many books at the same time, or within a short period.

One way of doing that is to publish your backlist – that is, books you’ve written which are either out of print or for which you’ve had rights reverted to you from the publisher.

But…what if you don’t have a backlist? Then what?

Well, even new authors can replicate the backlist. But, it will take time and patience.

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