Engaging the Audience

I don’t have a typical author web presence. Have you noticed?

Most authors have a web site which, correctly, showcases their writing, offers their books for sale by either allowing sales directly through the web site or linking to those books on other retail sites, and provides information about future works and public offerings. Most of them also have a call to action somewhere, perhaps to join a newsletter or mailing list, and also announce public appearances and news about the author, as warranted.

I do none of those things on my blog here. And that’s where you come in.

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Don’t Forget — “Shudderbugs” Launches Tomorrow!

I hope you’re all ready!

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 23, my newest short story eBook will go live on Amazon Kindle for FREE! It’s called “Shudderbugs”, and contains not one but TWO stories with photography themes! The book will be free from March 23 to March 27, and then it goes to its regular price of 99¢. So get your copy while it’s free!

Here’s the cover:


If you do pick it up and enjoy the stories (they are older, though, and my writing has changed a LOT since then), please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It helps us, and makes me feel better. I mean, when it’s positive, anyway. But be honest! Always be honest!

Anyway, go pick it up for FREE starting tomorrow!

Have a great weekend.