Childhood Memoirs

Ah, childhood! Do you remember those endless summer days, romping through the golden or green fields, hanging out with your friends, spending your lawn-mowing or paper route money on the whims of youth?  Do you recall your past and growing up in sepia tones, with blurred edges and starburst filter lighting?

Yeah, I don’t either.

My childhood was a blend of Norman Rockwell and  Stephen King.  I’ve written some of them down.  The events are accurately portrayed as I can remember, though names have been changed to protect the victims.  I hope I’ll keep adding to these, but for now they’re complete and ready for an anthology, except for the necessary editing, of course.  But I offer them for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

Tall Grass & Monsters Neighbors & Strangers Chubs and the Watermelon
The Mouse that Roared Squirrel’s Triumph A Rose by any Other Name
Calm before the Storm Alien in the Yard Waters Parted
Blue Danube Waltz Aerial Attack Be Vewy Vewy Quiet
Hidden Treasures Bill vs. the Toilet Bill vs. the Popcorn
Bill vs. the Putter Common Trauma Bill vs. the Carp
Night Fishin’ Dingle Balls The Cyclone Fence
Bill vs. the Wetter Bill vs. the Pool Inconsiderate Clod
Rock-a-Bye Bully

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memoirs

  1. No criticism intended here at all. From a kids POV, it might be memories instead of memoirs. Memoirs is a very grown-up word.

    I understand what you mean. It’s a memoir though, because they’re stories of my childhood told through my adult eyes. Not really intended as a kid’s or YA book. 🙂

    1. What does YA mean? I’m working my way down the list. Just love the spider in the grass crawling on the Ryans. Very funny. Oh and the mouse. I used to have one in my desk at work. A real little one. He used to open my crackers and munch away at night. I started leaving him food and water. Don’t say it…

      I won’t say it. “YA” means “Young Adult” — like Twilight was, or think Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember. 🙂

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