I’ll Call When I Get There

Her phone sang its happy song from the crisp white countertop in front of her. She sat on a high wooden barstool, still in her lounge pants and a half t-shirt. When she saw his name on the display, a smile touched her delicate lips.

She picked up the phone and hooked a stray lock of dark hair behind her ear, swiped and held the phone to her head.

“Hi,” she said, and couldn’t keep the warmth out of her voice. Continue reading “I’ll Call When I Get There”

The Necessity of Editors

There is a lively debate among indie writers about the critical importance of editors. Almost unanimously, indie authors will say “You need an editor!” But that begs the question, “What kind of editor?”

Herein lies the rub, O Intrepid Reader. We need to know what type of editor we’re looking for before we lay out cash for the services of any of them. And of course, finding good ones is a tightrope walk.

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