I’ll Call When I Get There

Her phone sang its happy song from the crisp white countertop in front of her. She sat on a high wooden barstool, still in her lounge pants and a half t-shirt. When she saw his name on the display, a smile touched her delicate lips.

She picked up the phone and hooked a stray lock of dark hair behind her ear, swiped and held the phone to her head.

“Hi,” she said, and couldn’t keep the warmth out of her voice. Continue reading “I’ll Call When I Get There”

500 Words

“Can you see it?” he said, and he twisted to catch the light.

He’s taller than I am and I have to squint, keep the light raking over his skin, and strain against the glare. The room’s hot, and I rip the sweat out of my eyes with the heel of my hand, then narrow my eyes again.

He’s shaking, his breath shallow. “Can you? Can you see it?”

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