Dropping Off the Grid

Just when I think I can start blogging on a regular basis, my stupid job wants to get stupid and busy and make me stupid-mad by making me do stupid work.

I apologize for the absence to anyone trying to be a reader of this blog. I really do.

Nothing much to report, though. I’ve actually not done any writing yet, and I’m done beating myself up over it. I’m watching Dean Wesley Smith tackle a novel in SEVEN DAYS, and if he can pull that off, I might just be motivated enough to get going.

There’s also a lot to be said about failing to success, so just getting anything done is better than getting nothing done. And I’ve gotten nothing done.

Provided I don’t die an early but well-deserved death, maybe I can break inertia this weekend.

I’ll try to have something more next week, and again, I’m sorry for the long hiatus.



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