Big Weekend Ahead

Well, here we go. This is it. The big weekend, where I tackle trying to get back on the writing horse. Where I try to see whether my plants will right the list in the ship of my story enough to make me want to sail it again.

If it works, it’ll be a launch point toward the story I originally planned to tell. If it doesn’t…well, I guess it’s just more of the same.

I don’t know when, or how, I lost the love for this story. It happened with another one I started last fall, too. I have the idea for the story, I have a vision of certain parts of the story, but when I try to write the story, it just…stops.

Proponents of outlining would likely say it’s because I’m trying to write into the dark and that inevitably leads to running out of motivation and steam for the story. I just let it languish.

So I’m hopeful this time, getting the story back to where I originally envisioned it before, albeit slightly changed, will allow the momentum in the original direction to launch the story.

Also, not long ago I learned from Dean Wesley Smith that writing into the dark has an element of fear for the author. Your creative mind can solve incredible problems your critical mind can’t see a way out of, so writing yourself whatever comes to mind and just trusting your creative mind, as frightening as that sounds to those of us who’ve never done it, can generate some pretty major stories.

But if this doesn’t work I’m going back to a little plotting and planning to see if that helps. I’m going to use whatever will get the job done and I don’t much care if it’s more or less popular with others. I’m sick of not writing.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Shabbat Shalom.


2 thoughts on “Big Weekend Ahead

  1. Hope it went well. I also like DWS’s idea of cycling. When I’m feeling stuck (hello critical brain), I read back through the manuscript to get a feel for it, to flow into the situation and characters, and (hello creative brain) just write the next sentence. I’m also finding with cycling I’m adding depth and detail to the earlier parts, from my creative side, and feeling like I love the story even more… which gives me more energy with continuing to write that next word, sentence and paragraph.

    Fantastic stuff, Sean, and yes, cycling back is key in the writing into the dark method. I do many of the same things you do to deepen the story as I go. Unfortunately, I’m not certain I was ever in love with this story, and absolutely nothing got done on it this weekend despite my big plans. *Sigh* Today is a new day, though, and we’ll see. 🙂

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