Challenge Accepted

I gave myself a challenge at the start of the year: Write for an hour a day, or about a thousand words, and do more if you have the time and wherewithal.

During January, the alignment of life and stress targeted any motivation I had to get going, and I failed my challenge miserably. I determined then to restart the challenge this month, and it was the perfect convergence of the first and a Monday.

How’d I do?

About like I did in January. *Sigh*

Total fail.

But today’s a new day (February 2 as I write this), and the challenge is still on. In fact, I’m going to handle it that way going forward: Every month, I’ll restart the challenge if I need to and just keep going. The worst case scenario is, I managed to finish only the one book this year, which will then be the best back-to-back writing years I’ve ever had. Or I can get my BICFOK on, and start pumping out the words. It’s not too late to make my 300K goal, after all.

And that doesn’t have to be the bar, either. I can raise that if something good comes along.

So we’ll see what happens today after work, with the knowledge I’ve got a strong chance of making that goal after all.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

See ya!


One thought on “Challenge Accepted

  1. You can do this, Love. Even if it’s a series of short stories, those are still words worth counting.

    Thanks, Love. I’m not going to give up. šŸ™‚

    Maybe that’s what you need right now, a bunch of shorts that get progressively longer until you’re hitting your target daily word count.

    You know, I thought of that too, but I just seem to be at a dead calm with ideas. *Shrug*

    Just thinking out loud. LTY


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