Silence is Golden…Sometimes

I’ve been offline for a bit, and generally, that would be good news.

Last time I went dark online, it was because I dove into a new story and was plugging away happily at that, pecking and grinding, stopping for a few days at a time to let myself re-orient to the story, then charging ahead.

Even then, I kept some stuff flowing here.

This time has been different, though.

This time, I’m slogging through what started as a pretty good story. Interesting premise. Decent voice, in my opinion. First person story, so deep POV built-in. Not sure that was the right POV choice, but it’s made now, so there’s no going back. Well, not easily.

But, life has taken a turn for the interesting, and so the ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” has roosted, at least for the time being, in my life. Hopefully, it won’t be a long stay.

But I did get some new words this week, and I’ll get more this weekend. It’s just going slower and catching my breath.

See you next time.



2 thoughts on “Silence is Golden…Sometimes

  1. Words, glorious words! I’m looking forward to what you put down. 🙂 LTY!

    They weren’t amazing or anything. But it’ll be something. An hour a day through the week has been tough to get to this time. Maybe next week. 😦

  2. Good that you are noticing this is just a normal cycle and not the end of all ends to a writing life. I look forward to your future posts. And may that “interesting” curse be lifted!

    Thanks so much LuAnne! How kind of you!

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