Settling Down

Things are settling down some on my day job now that I’m only doing one job instead of two or three. That’s good news.

But I have to play catch-up from the long weekend and make sure I get what should have been done yesterday done today, so tomorrow resumes its normal schedule. And that’s less good news. It means I’ll be pretty busy for a couple of days.

And today, I’ll have my annual performance review, which is never a fun experience. Even last year, when I had what I considered an outstanding year, I got above average in everything, and yet…my boss seemed less than enthused. I think sometimes there’s no sense in struggling too hard, because they don’t want you to do well, even if they say they do.

I’ve heard from another manager the goal is to find ways to knock points off the employee’s review. I fought tooth and nail for the score I got last year. This year, I won’t get to fight at all. It’s just the way things worked out. I’ll take my medicine and move on.

I hope to get back to writing soon. There’s been a lot of playing Mass Effect 3 in the evenings and no writing. And despite my best intentions, this past weekend yielded 0.0 words too. I think sometimes the best thing to do is just toss myself in the writing chair and write. See what happens. If nothing happens, well, it’s practice.

I’ll update again if I have something. Hope all of you with a holiday weekend had a great and safe one.


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