Creeping Closer…Ever Closer…

Yes, I know, I know. I got some writing done this weekend but it was slower going than I wanted. No excuses. I just didn’t spend enough time with fingers on keys. I made some progress, but not enough (for my taste, at least).

So, we’re close. I think only a few more scenes are going to do it. I actually got some writing in last night (a Tuesday, rare for me), and I’ve adjusted some of my before-dinner habits to make sure I have enough after-dinner time to sink myself into some effort before it’s bedtime.

Having a day job sucks, but I’ve started to recognize how useless my time between getting home and dinner actually is. I can’t really get anything done on the Internet. I can’t write anything, really. I have a pretty short time span normally. So doing the things I need to get out of the way is a boon for me.

That also provides me a more relaxed time before I hit the rack. And if that translates to better sleep (not yet, but it’s only been a few days yet) I’m going to favor that too.

Anyway, we’re in the final confrontation scene at this stage. I think there won’t be too many things beyond that – some wrap-up stuff to pull all the strings taut and tie ’em off – and then this one’s in the hopper.

Stay tuned! (If, y’know, you’re of a mind to.)


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