“Great Gams” is Now Live!

Great Gams Cover 1 ReducedI’m happy to announce my latest release, a short story called Great Gams, is now LIVE on the Amazon Kindle store!

And even MORE good news – starting tomorrow and going through the Ides of March (which is March 15, 2013, if you don’t know), it will be FREE for the downloading! After that, it goes back to its regular price of 99¢, so get yours while it’s FREE!

Click the image to get yours today!


3 thoughts on ““Great Gams” is Now Live!

  1. We boomers are lucky that part of our parent’s culture rubbed off or we are at least aware of the slang of their generation. Betty’s gams – 23 Skidoo and Vargas art.

    It was a bit before my time, Carl, but I’ve seen enough old literature and advertising to go with the flow! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the story!

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