Pick the Cover for my Next Short Story!

My next short story will be ready for publishing on Kindle soon, and I need your help!

I’ve designed two covers for the piece, with help from a lot of Photoshop tutorials, video tutorials, and a little help from Dreamstime.com (for the stock photo I used).

The problem is, I can’t decide which one I like better. My family has split opinions, so they suggested I go to you, oh awesome readers, and get your vote on which cover you think is the more eye-catching, Kindle store-worthy cover design.

So, here’s the poll, and your votes will be tallied until next Saturday, February 23, 2013. Any votes after midnight on Saturday won’t be counted…sorry, but I gotta stop somewhere.

The Covers

Here are the choices; we’ll call them Choice 1 and Choice 2, because…well, I’m just clever like that.

Choice 1:

Barrel of Fun Cover 1


Choice 2:

Barrel of Fun Cover


The Poll

So, there you have it; the two options are there for you to peruse and consider. Let me know in the poll below which you find the better option, and I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, February 24, 2013!


Thanks, all and happy voting!


OH, feel free to pass this around and get others voting too!

3 thoughts on “Pick the Cover for my Next Short Story!

  1. …#2 with all that color lessens the ‘scary factor’ X 3. Choice #1, with just two colors, along with the shadowy effect tweaks my unknown fear.

    Thanks, Garry! I’m glad you stopped by and left me those insights! My wife said similar things, so I think you’re both onto something. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Shouldn’t the name shadow on the first one be flipped vertically? Also, the big blocky font doesn’t really look “horror-y” enough for my tastes. Does somebody drowning play a big part in the story? That’s the idea I get from the second one. The first one doesn’t really give any substantive visual clues as to what the story’s about. That’s why I voted for the second.

    The name shadow, if it were representing an ACTUAL shadow, should indeed be reversed vertically. But I wanted it to be legible. And the story is more noir than horror. Would you like to peruse? It’s sort of like the one I did for your blog, but with a different ending. (When I reach the ending, it will be different.) When it’s finished you can beta read if you’d like.

    As a related aside, do you check out the monthly ebook cover contests over at the book designer? http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2011/08/monthly-e-book-cover-design-awards/

    That was sort of fun, thanks. He likes the new Oasis cover. I’d be interested in finding out what he thought of the original cover, too, though.

    He gives good commentary on several entries each month and there’s lots of good design ideas from multiple genres.

    1. You can be sure I’ll read Barrel of Fun, whether you send me a beta or even if I have to buy it from Amazon.

      You won’t have to buy it m’man. I sent it off last night; did you receive it?

      When I finally humbled myself I realized that the first cover to Oasis was grossly misleading. It looked like a drug memoir, not pulpy zombie action. Which is to say the book designer guy probably would have not said anything bad about the cover – unless he knew what the book was about. Have I shown you the cover I’m using for the Journey of St. Laurent? It was painted by the same guy. I’m totally stoked about it. I just wish I were stoked about *editing* it…

      No, I don’t think you’ve shown me the JoSL cover yet. I’d love to see it. When WILL the edits be ready? 😉

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