ePublishing News!

In the next 24-72 hours, my short story collections, A Fine Cast of Characters and A Moonlit Stroll will be available for purchase as epub files from KoboBooks.com!

As of now, I don’t have any links to provide, but when I do, you can be sure I’ll pimp them everywhere I can.

OH, and before I forget: I’ve lowered the price, too! I can’t get the higher percentages from Amazon that way, but Kobo is generously offering 70% royalties at the new, lower price…which is the only price on that site, but still. So, we’ll see how the experimentation in pricing goes.

If things go well with Kobo, I’ll probably publish in both places every time. I didn’t get anything, at all, from Barnes and Noble’s Nook store, so I’m not thrilled about that prospect, and Smashwords seems to stink, so I’ll likely just stick with these three. And I’ll have to see whether Kobo lets me set the price to free or not.

And also, my short story Siren Lake is also FREE all weekend long! Get your copy while the gettin’ is good! You can pick it up here!

So, once again, the two books A Fine Cast of Characters and A Moonlit Stroll will both be available from KoboBooks by next week, both for $1.99 (unless I can promote them with something like the KDP Select program does).

Have a great weekend!

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