Pest Control, Part 1

Everybody thinks vampires sleep in lavish mansions, wear fine silk clothes and live the life of a frickin’ beer commercial or TV show.

Lemme tell you something, that ain’t nothing like the truth.

Vampires ain’t people. That’s the first thing you gotta know. They ain’t human, so they ain’t people at all. They’re not even animals, really. Not if you think about it. They don’t have babies, and don’t really breed at all. So, not really animals. You know?

Think of vampires more like…like germs, sorta. Parasites or viruses. They take a living body and just kinda…take over. Once they have it — the body, I mean — there’s none that person left. Only the vampire. Just like when a virus kills someone, it’s the only thing left. The virus, I mean. That’s how vampires are. They kill the someone and only the vampire’s left.

If they were zombies from a George Romero movie, no one would be confused by it. The only question would be what to do about killing ‘em. You know, head shots or some voodoo ritual or whatnot.

But TV and movies and books and shit made vampires sexy and attractive and oh-so-stylish, so most folks ain’t ready for the real thing. It’s a shock to ‘em.
That’s why I’m down here. I’m an exterminator, sort of.

This is what I do.

2 thoughts on “Pest Control, Part 1

  1. That is about what I think about “vampires” as well …however…There is often something of the original persona of the human that it once was… too bad it is the negative drives and whatever that individual’s “vices” and desires ( more often than not…. the worst and the most suppressed of their darkest desires)…
    I do Not like the trend of “sparkling” and Romanticized undead blood-suckers currently depicted in print and film … Give me “Nosferatu” and Mr. Barlow (of TV’s “Salems Lot”).

    Not what has become popular these days…..
    ….. the Doctor

    Hi, Stacey, and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far. I think I’m working for a different take than I’ve seen for a long, long time with vampires. I’d like more of an explanation of origins, for one thing, but with this story, I’m hoping to just have something a little more realistic to offer. Thanks again for stopping by and please come back anytime. 🙂

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