The gracious and lovely Absolutely*Kate from the wonderfully diverse AT THE BIJOU has honored me by featuring my fiction in her amazing little theater today!

She’s done it up right with great pictures and fancy formatting, and included the bio my loving wife wrote for me.

Please, amble over to AT THE BIJOU and give a shout-out to Absolutely*Kate and let me know what you thought of my story (if you haven’t already read it — I had to send her one I published here for my #fridayflash entry back in November of ’09).

All of my gratitude go to A*K and THE BIJOU for selecting me to take a moment in the spotlight. I’m humbled.


2 thoughts on “I’m AT THE BIJOU Today!

  1. That was a mighty fine piece… Loved the flow and feel of it.

    Anthony, thank you so much for taking to time to read and leave a comment there AND here. Much appreciated, sir, and thank you for the warm compliment. I’m honored. 🙂

  2. Hey there JD the T. I just loved your countered insousiance served up with such savoir faire AT THE BIJOU … you certainly shot the sale of popcorn through the roof … which was quite a buttery mess but that was a good success to slip’slide into. You rocked the house buddy!

    Thanks so much,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate and the fine staff of renown

    All my gratitude, A*K, for your wonderful debut. The projectionist’s work made the show as grand as it was — couldn’t have done it without ya. And I so appreciate the spotlight. Meant a ton to a shy person that you thought so much of my work to feature it AT THE BIJOU.

    Now, let me get a mop and help you clean up that buttery goo, and I’m so glad the sales went as you wanted. 🙂

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