Witch Hunt – Ch. 15

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“Did you get the name of the maid from Phoebe, Wen?”  JD let the initial intention of their visit slip his mind during Wendy’s recount of her conversation with Phoebe.

“Yeah, it was Tina.  Tina Farnsworth.  We can ask down in housekeeping if she’s working today.”

JD nodded.  “Thanks, Wen.”

“Hey — anything for you, handsome.”

“Get a room, y’all.”  Dillon scratched at his beard.

“We have a room, Dilly.  You’re in it.  So unless you want to watch …”

“Hey!  Eeee-Yuh-uck, a’ight?  Grue.”

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Monday Morning

The train rocked on its rails, a sleepy sway like a weary drunken sailor, lolling its way down the tracks in no particular hurry to reach its destination. Which suited me just fine; I longed for the blissful Maw of Morpheus, having been deprived of all but a scant four hours of slumber the night before, and the gentle cradle-swing motion helped me drift between the living and the spectral world of dreams.

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