Witch Hunt – Ch. 14

“Well, whatever you’re doing, stop, and come back to my suite. We have some things we need to discuss.”

Dillon groaned. “Aw, man, is it shi — stuff I’m gonna care ’bout?”

“How should I know? Just come up.”

“I’m busy, butt-pimple.”

“Dillon, don’t make me find you and tell Danae you walked into a wall face-first.”

“Uh … be right there.”

“Thank you.” He snapped the phone closed.

He paced a few moments then settled into one of the plush chairs in the sitting area. A few seconds later, a knock at the door disrupted his brooding.

He opened the door to Dillon. “You so ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ ta her ’bout that, dude. It was your fault anyway.”

“Oh, no? Try me. And it was not my fault.” JD dropped into the chair again. “How does she have so much free time, anyway? What duties does she have here?”

Dillon ambled to the bed and sat against the headboard. “Whatever they tell ‘er t’do, yo. She’s an intern, so she’s sorta like a gofer. She’s a waitress at th’bar, works th’desk up front … whatever they want.”

“Do you have Hank’s key to room 3126?”

“Uh … I guess.”

“What do you mean you guess? Do you or not?”

“I … I dunno, I didn’ check. Danae lemme in. She’s got keys t’all the rooms an’ stuff.”

“She wasn’t uncomfortable with that room?”

Dillon shrugged. “She lemme in an’ stuck aroun’ while I did my thang. Guess not.”

“Hm. Interesting.”

“So whattup wit’chew?”

JD sighed. “Well … I saw someone.”

Dillon gasped and slapped his palms to his cheeks. “No way! Here?? Wow! Me too! Loads of ’em! It’s a hotel, ya jackass, ‘member? Fulla people?”

“Not a random hotel guest, you cretin. I saw someone lurking in the stairwell.”

“Didn’tcha tell me this one already?”

“No. I left to go put the power supply on the second floor camera. As I went toward the stairs, someone went through the door. I saw them slip through before it closed.”

“Yeah? So? Like who?”

“I don’t know. Someone. I chased them, but — ”


“Why what?”

“Why ya chasin’ peeps ’round the buildin’, dumb-ass? That’s psycho.”

“No, no. See if you can find the power switch for your brain and turn it on. I chased them because I thought it might be the same person from this morning during Phoebe’s episode. So anyway, I ran as fast as I could, dove down the stairs — everything I could think of to catch up. I thought they went out the second floor door, because it was closing when I got there.”

“Still waitin’ for th’ part where I care, butt-plug.”

“I grabbed the door before it closed. I wasn’t more than a second or two behind. But there was no one in the hall when I got there. It was completely empty.”

“Wow. An empty frickin’ hall. So what, scrotum-hair?”

“Nevermind. Why would I think you’d get it?”

“I dunno. Yer a dork?”

JD chuckled. “I guess so.”

“That, an’ yer still haunted an’ shit.”

JD blinked. “What?”

“Yeerrr haaaaauuuunnnnted,” Dillon dragged, like he spoke in slow motion.

JD shut his eyes and sighed. “What are you yammering about?”

“What’re you, dense, dude? It was th’ ghost, man! Who else can jus’ vanish like that, yo?”

“What ghost?”

“The ghost yer supposta find in here, dumb-ass! Jeez!”

“There is no ghost, Dillon.”

“Aw, not again, bro. Not the frick again.”

A knock on the door interrupted the banter.

JD opened the door and Wendy stepped in, bottled water in hand, and kissed him on the lips as she passed. “Hi, gorgeous. Hey Dilly. How’s it going?”

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