Witch Hunt – Ch. 13

He listened. The room was as silent as a crypt.

He shuddered involuntarily. Inside, he chided himself for being ridiculous. Outside, he hurried anyway.

He’d mounted the camera high on the wall … as high as he could reach with a chair, high enough to provide the camera a good view of the room. He got the chair from the corner and dragged it under the camera again. He unwound the power supply wires, hands moving fast, and unfurled them. He dropped to one knee and jabbed the plug into the outlet between the doors to the bathroom and closets. He hopped onto the chair without removing his shoes this time. A second later he plugged the adaptor into the camera. A light winked on and indicated the battery was charging.

Relieved, he jumped down, put the chair back and whooshed out of the room.

When the door slammed shut, he realized his heart was racing. He drew a deep breath through his nose, and let it out through his mouth.

His hands shook. He wondered what spooked him, what set him off? And more, why couldn’t he calm down?

He forced himself not to hurry back to his room, confused and upset by his irrational behavior. When he rounded the last corner before his room, Dillon was in the hall near the elevator. Relief flooded JD. He fought the urge to exhale in case someone – especially Dillon – heard him.

“Dude, yer fin’lly back.” Dillon called down the hall.

JD held his finger to his lips chuckling. “Dillon, people might be in their rooms.”

“So? I ain’t swearin’ or nuthin’.”

“So how’d you do?” JD stopped at his door and waited for Dillon to join him here. He held the doorknob to keep his hands from shaking.

“Whattaya mean?”

“Did you find any EMF spikes or anything?”

“Uh … I don’t think so. I dunno. Why?”

“Because you were the one who suggested we document everything.”

“Right, right! Write it down, write everything down!”

“Yes. So did you?”

“Uh …” Dillon slapped his pockets with one hand, the EMF meter in the other. “Um … I guess … well, I don’ ‘member seein’ nuthin’ worth writin’ down anyway.”

“What did you see?”

“Umm … the hallways …”

JD shook his head and snorted a laugh. “God, Dillon. But I believe you, because I didn’t have anything of note, either. I imagine the whole resort’s wiring is pretty consistent. So EMFs will be consistent too.”

“Yeah, ‘zactly my point. I guess.”

JD laughed. “What time is it?”

“Little after eleven. I’m gettin’ hungry too. When can we eat?”

“As soon as we find Wendy, I guess. We’ll touch base with her then eat, but that’s going to leave you a lot of time before dinner. The party starts at eight.”

“That’s dinner?”

“That was implied in the ‘celebratory dinner’ part of their invitation.”

“I didn’ hear that part. I heard ‘party’, but not ‘dinner’. I’m … I ain’t gonna make it that long without eatin’ somethin’.”

JD opened the door and led Dillon in. “I’m sure you’ll manage. Get a snack from the store to hold you over.”

“Yeah, ’bout that … can I borrow, like, fifty bucks?”

“Fifty dollars?? For what??”

“Just walkin’ aroun’ money, dude. Did I mention not bringin’ no dough with me? I think I mentioned it when we left, ’cause I waddn’t plannin’ on comin’ an’ all. ‘Member that, dude? And ‘member the part when you said you was gonna float me all I needed an’ stuff?”

“I remember the first part. The second part I don’t recall whatsoever, and it certainly isn’t something I’d say. So, no.”

“No what?”

“No, you can’t have fifty dollars.”

“Why not?”

“What are you, a teenager? Because I said so, okay?”

“Aw, dude. C’mon. I need some dough t’get a snack, don’ I?”

JD rummaged through the second camera case and pulled out the power supply. “You don’t need fifty dollars to get a snack.”

“Stuff’s ‘spensive ’round here, dude. It’s a resort fer rich peeps an’ crap.”

“Not that expensive. When it’s time for you to have your afternoon snack like kindergarteners do, I’ll give you a few dollars. And I’m not going to make a habit of doing that throughout the trip. Use room service, for Pete’s sake – everything’s free.”

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