Witch Hunt – Ch. 9b

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They ate in the quiet elegance of rich, amber wood tones and thick maroon carpeting.  Velvety seats were padded thick and plush under them.  The waiter took their order and told them it was going to be no charge; Dillon ordered enough to feed two people then.

After breakfast, they stood outside the restaurant.  Dillon tucked his hands in his jeans pockets and belched.  Wendy shook her head and smiled, then swatted his shoulder, chiding him to excuse himself.  He giggled and blushed.

“I keep forgettin’ yer a girl.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“No prob.”

She laughed again.  “C’mon, let’s see if we can find JD.  He’s gotta be in here somewhere, right?”

“Pff.  Who cares?”

She giggled, tugged his arm and led him toward the stairwell again.  She bounced up with Dillon following.  At the top, she rubbed her tummy and grunted.

“Ugh.  I’m stuffed.  How did you eat all that food?”

Dillon belched loudly.  “I dunno.”

“Dilly!  Gross!”  She batted his shoulder playfully, but hard enough to smart.  He mouthed “ow” when she turned away, rubbing it and grimacing.

“Let’s go back down the other stairs.  Maybe he’s in a conference room or something.”

“Yeah, whatevs.  He’s here somewhere … why worry ’bout it?”

“Quit being a poop and come on.”

She led Dillon across the thriving lobby to the broad staircase down to the conference and business center.  She drifted by the room where they met with the Kileys the night before, and wandered in the labyrinth of intersecting corridors.  She made one turn after another, Dillon absently trailing her.

“You know where th’ hell yer goin’, Wen?”

“Not a clue.”

“Not a clue??  What th’ hell??”

“I’m just looking to see if JD’s down here.”

“But we’re all frickin’ lost an’ shit now!”

“No we’re not, dummy.  We’re still in the hotel, right?”

“How d’ya know?”

She giggled.  “Just help me find him.  I know he’s down here somewhere.  It seems like a JD kind of place to hang out.”

“Damn, I knew something bad was gonna happen.”

“Oh, stop it.”

They rounded a corner to their left, walked down a hall and stood again in front of the room where they met the Kileys.

“Um … ‘kay, maybe we’re a little lost.”

“GREAT.  Frickin’ great.  Now what?”

Voices carried from down the adjoining corridor.  Wendy turned down the hall toward them.

Phoebe came around the corner and nearly ran into Wendy.  They both started, then giggled.  Wendy put her hand on Phoebe’s shoulder.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry!”

“No, no — it’s okay, I wasn’t paying attention.  I should know better.  We were going to have those domed mirrors put in, so you could see around these sharp corners and avoid that sort of thing.  A couple of years ago, a VIP was coming around the corner and one of our staff was going the other way with a tray of food for their meeting.  They had a meeting of the minds right about here.  What a mess.”

4 thoughts on “Witch Hunt – Ch. 9b

  1. Raga6

    Jaded is a good name for JD sometimes. I want to know about the cures and the witch. Hmm I wonder if there’s a connection to the story is called Witch Hunt??? lol

    Another great installment! I can’t wait to read what happens next!


  2. Raga — I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. And yes, he can be quite jaded from time to time, can’t he? As for the curse and the witch — I guess you’ll have to keep reading. 🙂 Love you, sweetie. And I’m glad the story wasn’t too long for you. I know you love it, and I love you for loving it, but some folks might blow it off if they’re presented with too much to choke down. Albeit, it’s not just an online story — I mean it for publication first — but still. I want to be considerate of my audience and their time. Thanks again, sweetie. We love you.

    Sherri-berry — Thanks, love. I’ll do my best not to apologize and just go to thanking all of you for wading through them. 🙂 Love and hugs, darlin’.

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