Witch Hunt – Ch. 8

Wendy was holding Phoebe’s hand when he came out of the room. He went down the hall and handed the card key back to Phoebe. She took it without releasing Wendy’s hand.

“Well?” she asked, her face expectant. “Did you see it?”

JD inhaled deeply, then nodded. “And I photographed it.” He held up his phone to show them how.

“Oh, thank God,” Hank said. “You saw it. And you have proof.”

“Surely you did too?” He was a little startled.

“Based on that message, JD — we just weren’t sure what to think. We thought … well, we thought we might be crazy.”

“When was this message left?”

“A few days after we moved from our suite,” Hank said. “And shortly after Carl…” He looked down.

“Did you tell the police? About this, I mean? After … your son and Carl …?”

Phoebe nodded. “They said they couldn’t find anything. We moved again after that. Well, we actually asked our staff to do it for us. It was … too much.”

JD’s face betrayed his shock. “The police said they couldn’t see the message on the mirror? How is that possible?”

Hank shrugged, his expression dubious. “We can’t figure it out either, JD. We assume they didn’t really look. They wanted us to be the ones responsible for what happened to Mark. When their investigation and the witness testimonies all cleared us, they had nothing. But I don’t think they ever actually looked for anything in that room.”

“This isn’t where it … where it happened, is it?” JD was trying to be delicate, but realized how poor he was at tact while trying to gather information. He looked down at the suddenly interesting carpet.

“No, no … that was over the lobby, near the railing … just over the reception desk …” Hank stopped, collected himself. “No. This is the only thing that happened here.”

“The police were against you the whole time,” Wendy said. She squeezed Phoebe’s hand, and the older woman smiled gratefully.

“It sure seemed like it, sweetie. It felt like it.”

JD sighed. “Well … we’d better call it a night. We have a lot to think about and look into. We need to set up for the investigation sometime tomorrow, and … well, there’s a lot to do.”

“You’re going to accept our case?” Hank was excited and didn’t try to hide it.

JD smiled. “I don’t think there’s a case to take, unfortunately. I still believe you’re being harrassed by someone, possibly for future extortion purposes. I know the police probably asked you about enemies you may have, and things of that nature — disgruntled employees, unhappy guests, stuff like that — but I’m not the police. I don’t want to interview all your witnesses again, but I will need to see this psychic you hired. I’d like to talk to her, if possible.”

“Of course, anything you need. But you said you didn’t think we had a case.” Hank looked at JD, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“I don’t, Hank. I’m sorry. What I can do, though, is make sure I gather enough evidence to prove it’s not paranormal.”

“I can tell you why I think it is,” Phoebe said brightly.

“And I want to hear that, absolutely,” JD said. “But I think we’d better save it for tomorrow, if you’ll have time. Right now, I need to think about what needs to be done and get ready for tomorrow. And I need sleep.”

The Kileys smiled, and nodded. “Thank you, JD. We’re so happy you’ve decided to look into it. Come on, gang,” Phoebe said warmly, her smiling lighting all their faces. “Let me walk you back to your rooms.”

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2 thoughts on “Witch Hunt – Ch. 8

  1. Sherri — I guess you’ll have to keep reading, love. 😉 Like those cliffhangers?

    Thanks for following along, hon. I know you’re busy and it means a megaton to me that you’re taking time to read my stuff. 🙂 Love ya!

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