Witch Hunt – Ch. 7

“It’s … a hat,” JD said, quizzically.

“A HAT?” Dillon exclaimed. “That’s it?? A freakin’ hat? That’s why these peeps won’t come in here no more??”

JD shot him an irritated glance. “All I see is a hat, yes. A man’s hat.”

Dillon was stepping toward him, arms held up in mock menace, his feet rising high to mimic floating.

“OoooooOOOOhhhhHHHhh!” he moaned, doing his best Jacob Marley ghost impression. “I’m a haaaaaaAAAAAaaat! A haunted frickin’ HAAAAaaaaat!”

Wendy giggled wildly, holding her finger to her lips. “Shh! Dilly, they’ll hear you!”

“OoooOOOoooOOOoh, I’m a freakin’ ghoooost hat, y’aaaaaaaaallll!” Dillon pranced farther toward JD.

JD wanted to sound stern, but the smile pushed at the corners of his mouth.

“Will you knock it off? We’re the guests of these people, and you’ve done nothing but make an ass of yourself the entire time we’ve been here!”

“OooOOOooooh, I’m a — hey, what’s that?”

The other two followed his finger as he pointed.

The hat was a formal man’s hat, the brim and inner lining around the band sweat-stained and worn. A tiny triangle of white poked up from the lining.

“Hmm.” JD leaned in over the bed. “I … I don’t know. It’s like — like a piece of paper or something.”

“Let’s see,” Wendy reached forward to grab it.


She yelped, jolting back as if struck by a snake. “What??”

“Don’t touch it, Wen,” he said, rubbing her arm apologetically. “We don’t know what this is all about. This might be evidence in a murder investigation.”

“WHUH?? What th’ hell you talkin’ ’bout, dude? It’s a freakin’ hat, man!”

“It’s something significant or the Kileys would have removed it.”

“If it were that significant, they would have turned it over to the cops, too, don’t you think?” Wendy was staring at him but didn’t reach for the object again.

“We can’t grab it. I can’t tell … there may be writing on it. Let’s see …”

He leaned over the bed, trying to minimize contact with it. He strained forward, trying to see the opposite side of the hat’s liner.

Wendy sighed in exasperation and strode around the bed to the other side.

“Yes, it has something on it … it looks like — like a business card.”

“Can you read it, Wendy?” JD’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Um … maybe … hold on …” She leaned farther over the bed, laying both palms on the mattress and extending her body closer to the hat.

JD stuck a cautioning hand toward her as if to catch her. “Careful, Wen.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t wanna touch the ghoooooooost hat or nuthin’.”

“Knock it off. What does it say, Wen?”

“I … It’s a business card.” She stood up abruptly and wrang her hands against her chest.

JD raised his brows at her. “And?”

“It … it’s Carl Simmons’ business card, JD.”

He gasped.

“Ghoooooooooost card, dudes, oooOOOOOoooOOooooh!”

“Dillon, don’t you know who that is?”

“Yeah, he’s … well, iddn’t that … no, I guess not.”

“It’s the private eye.”

“The private eye?” Dillon wasn’t catching on. JD sighed loudly in exasperation.

“Yes, Dillon. The dead private eye that Phoebe and Hank hired.”

“He’s dead?”

“Oh, for God’s … yes, he’s dead.”

“So, this really is a ghost hat?”

“Yeah, Dilly. It … I guess it really is.”

4 thoughts on “Witch Hunt – Ch. 7

  1. Raga6

    Well worth the wait! I’m so freakin’ happy it was 6 pages!!! Woo hoo! It’s a freakin’ ghost hat dude! LOL

    I want more!! I’m greedy. It’s never long enough, but if it was 100 pages it still wouldn’t be enough it’s so awesome! Dillon really is an original one that’s for sure!

    I’m so glad you posted. Being patient is sooooooooooooooooooo hard! As I said though, totally well worth the wait.

    I eagerlly wait for more!

    Dilloningly yours, (that isn’t supposed to sound nasty)


  2. Raga — Aww, thanks hon! I’m so happy you liked it!

    I asked LOML when I got home if she thought I should post tonight or wait until tomorrow. She looked at me and we both said “tonight, for Raga” simultaneously. It was hilarious.

    We’re so glad you like it. And guess what? The next part’s already written! It’s going up probably Monday. And by then, I’ll probably have even MORE written. Probably. Heh.

    Thanks for waiting it out hon. We love you.

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